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Je Suis Du Monde
Je Suis Du Monde
Yes I grieve
each humid trail on a moist cheek
is a remembrance of  somebody
and each dark stain is rage
concentrated on that one spot
So yes I grieve
a child bows a head seeking a hideaway and
a parent in shock can’t catch the words
meanings are fleeting, for under pressure
all becomes liquid and warps
For that, I grieve
‘I fear’ the child says shaking,
indeed, terror holds only prisoners
clouds come and makes the light diffuse
fists are raised, banners flail
And I grieve
a man vows revenge and a crusade
the child cries and is escorted home
so many people, so many places
rules will no longer do
When we grieve
don’t hide behind fences of hashtags
don’t dream of nightmares to come
a shout: ‘but I want to change it all’
indeed, then realize ‘I am the world’
so first we grieve together
:icongobboe:GobboE 1 0
Follow the Lines by GobboE Follow the Lines :icongobboe:GobboE 2 3
the flowers will miss your kiss
and I your winglike stroke
but you always fluttered
and I put you out of mind
I saw you depart
you were dressed in naturals
yellow and brown
you wore it with elegance
I think you were tired
yet you danced a last time
sundazed and confused
in the remorseless sun
maybe I was to blame
maybe all of us were
martyred as your weightless shell
emphasized how silent the plants were
how cruel the loss of tomato
how bitter the loss of apples
they are nothing to the tastelessness
of a flavorless sky without you
(c) E.V.Hoof
The population of Bees is diminishing rapidly. If we don't act they might go extinct.
Don't let that happen: #SavetheBee
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Most of my photos are created using the CC license.
However, if you want to use one, be so kind to pop me a message first.

Thanks in advance.

Other info:

My website for poetry

Favourite photographers: Ansel Adams, Bruno Bisang, Anton Corbijn


A new year, time for a new journal: this is a bit of a reconstruction how my conversations with other photographers go, with a question for you, the reader.

When I talk to other photographers normally we start off by discussing camera's, lenses. [You have a... Really?...Do you like it?..How does it...?]
Quickly followed by tips, tricks, and styles. [How do you...? Have you ever...? How did you...? Can you...?]. This is the section of the conversation where I learn the most, I am not the most experienced photographer.

Then the conversation normally goes from what (and how) do you photograph, to "What would you like to do?" An important question, since it is good to advance yourself in different areas.

I make no secret of it, I like taking urbex pictures: abandoned buildings, factories, the lot (though I seldom do, but that's another matter). So with a fellow urbex photographer we end up exchanging tips, tricks, and most importantly locations/addresses. When we progress from favorite into the other topics (architecture, still life, animals, flowers, and what not) into the realms that are 'uncharted.' Speaking for myself, for instance, I would like to do street photography and I have a deep respect for photographers who do (particularly those who do it well). But I can't bring myself to photographing people who haven't asked for it, or approach them before hand (and ruin the moment I would like to capture) to ask permission, or approach them afterwards (Hey I just took a photo of you, neat huh?). Dilemma. 

[here's where you as reader can give me some priceless advice to this, just leave a comment in the section below :)]

Until so far, with all photographers, including the urbex enthusiasts, the conversation shifts to : "Would you do modelling shoots?"
While some photographers have experiences with models, I have not. So it is interesting to hear what their experiences are on that field. But for me it remains simple: I have no studio, nor am I willing to rent one, go through the fuss of hiring a model, and think out a decent shoot (you have to capture something, right?). Oh yes, nor do I have a good portrait lens. So, while it seems interesting to me to experiment with modelling shoots, basically I spend my money (and time) differently. (But if any of you want to volunteer... :)

Then, a bit of silence, for some it is a bit of a taboo topic. Perhaps because it is so often associated with lecherous people drooling over naked images: indeed nude photography. It almost always becomes a topic of conversation and initially it is always a bit awkward, as if it is some big secret, or taboo.
In general, photographers, I talk to, rarely have experience in this field. Some are interested in doing a shoot, some are not, and I even suspect that some do not admit that they have done shoots or would be interested in doing them. This could be related to its association (as mentioned above).
So then they ask "Would you do a nude shoot?" Long answer: I have no experience with them. Though a matter of taste, I think nude art photography - thus with respect towards the model and human body - can be beautiful. If done properly, I think that it can add to a photo: in all honesty I think that the human body in all its forms is a thing of wonder and beauty; so no taboo for me there. But as with modelling: I lack the studio, the right lenses, the right 'idea' behind the shoot (what and why would I like to capture?), and the willingness to invest (both time and money). So, in short: no, it is just not a priority nor a big deal for me. (Might volunteers persuade me? I don't know.)
I am more interested in street photography.

Okay, on to the conclusion, the reason for this journal is:
* Do you have any advice concerning street photography?
* Please do tell, what is the photography topic you (still) want to experiment with?


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I look forward to reading some of your work and seeing you around the group!

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